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As the authority on redefining success beyond the balance sheet, Seth empowers leaders to find more joy, meaning and purpose in their lives. Seth is deeply engaged with the YPO community as a member, leader, speaker and facilitator.
Seth Streeter, YPO

Seth has been an active member of the YPO community since 2008. He served in various leadership roles for the Santa Barbara chapter, and then, as a founding member of the Pacific One Integrated chapter.

Seth earned the distinction of the Chapter Network Officer (CNO) of the year globally and has been active in YPO Networks since. He served as the Chair of the Financial Services Network, on the Board of the Leadership Development Network, and is currently on the Board of the Health and Wellness Network and leading the Inspired Living subnetwork that he founded.

Seth has chaired numerous chapter events, winning regional awards.  In 2017 “The Future of Fitness” event he Day Chaired earned the YPO Best Personal Development Event of 2017 for the Pacific U.S. region.

Since speaking at the 2017 Global Leadership Conference in Vancouver, Canada, Seth has been an in-demand speaker and facilitator throughout YPO at conferences, chapters, network events and with Forums. Below is a sample of his events:

2018: The inaugural Developing Your 3.0 Vision for Life 3-day retreat held at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel earns the honor of being the most impactful event of the year for all YPO.

Seth led Realize Your 3.0 Vision for Life for the YPO Gold Los Angeles chapter at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA.

2019: The second annual Developing Your 3.0 Vision for Life 3-day retreat is held in Santa Barbara, CA at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel.

Seth led Realize Your 3.0 Vision for Life for the YPO Gold Arizona chapter at the Paradise Valley Country Club in Paradise Valley, AZ.

2021: The third 3-day Developing Your 3.0 Vision for Life program is held at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara hotel in Santa Barbara, CA.

Seth co-led a five-week YPO Purpose Challenge that had 615 participants.

2022: Presented at the YPO Investing Network Forum Roundtable global event on Purpose and Legacy planning at the Faena Hotel in Miami, FL.

Seth led ice breakers and Realize the Life 3.0 Vision for Your Life program for the Jackson Hole Integrated chapter at the Cloudveil Hotel in Jackson, WY.

2023: Seth led an immersive 6-day Developing Your 3.0 Vision for Life program at the MEA Wisdom School campus in Baja, Mexico.  This was the first exclusive YPO program at MEA and it was filled with transformational experiences, world class teachers, and it received a 5 out of 5 score by every attendee. Click here to be on a waiting list for future YPO event dates and public non-YPO member event dates.

Presented Life 3.0 Vision at the Inaugural Women’s Day Canadian Region held in Toronto.

Presented Life 3.0 Vision at the Women’s Day Canadian Region held in Vancouver.

Presented Developing Your 3.0 Vision for Life for the YPO Greenwich Gold – Connecticut chapter.

Presented YOLO - Re-Imagine, Re-Ignite, Re-Commit to Your 3.0 Vision for Life for the YPO Patriot Gold – Boston chapter.

2024: In January, Seth hosted a second 6-day immersive Life 3.0 program at the Modern Elder Academy in Baja Mexico. This program is the first exclusive YPO program at MEA and it was filled with transformational experiences and world-class teachers, including Chip ConleyElizabeth Lombardo, and Shaun Tomson

February: Ignite Your Purposeful Life, a 29-day immersive, virtual workshop designed to help attendees crystalize their sense of purpose. Impactful resources include Dan BuettnerArthur BrooksSarah Grynberg, Blake MycoskieVictor Rios, and 20 other visionaries.

September: Hosting an immersive 6-day Developing Your 3.0 Vision for Life program at the MEA Wisdom School campus in Baja, Mexico.

November: Presenting Developing Your 3.0 Vision for Life for the YPO Dallas Mavericks Gold chapter.

Seth is passionate about learning from and sharing with his fellow YPO peers. He is deeply grateful for the expanded perspective, life experiences, and meaningful friendships YPO continues to bring into his life.

Seth is leading the new YPO PURPOSE community for the Health & Wellness Network and it’s 11,000+ members.

CHAPTER EVENT OR Forum Retreat Facilitation

Since 2018, Seth has facilitated impactful in-person and virtual Chapter Event and Forum Retreat programs to help members navigate life transitions and design their ideal life for the future. Contact Seth to learn more.
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“The event provided me with the space, mindset, and tools needed for me to explore and commit to my 3.0 vision.”



(YPO Gold the 6ix, Toronto)

“Great experience with a diversified array of resources. I learned many new things that I will be able to use moving forward. Purpose and action items. Loved it.”




“There are those events I look to find answers and those I look to discover good questions. My experience has taught me that I can go a lot further in life with a good question over a great answer, and I found Vision 3.0 to provide me some of the best questions I have ever asked myself.”

Steve Hall


(YPO North Texas)

“I was wholly unprepared for the incredible journey Life 3.0 took my mind, body, and soul. Seth Streeter is an inspiration and each resource he brought throughout this incredible six-day experience was transformative in its own right. The depth of human connection, experienced in this most magical of places, left an indelible mark on my soul.”

Tim Shih (YPO Explorer 305)


(YPO Explorer 305)

“I am taking away lifelong lessons from Developing your 3.0 Vision at MEA. It was a week filled with introspection, tools for improving your daily life, and tips to change your mindset. The location, resources, and topics really fed my soul. I highly recommend this week to anyone looking to gain clarity into what they want out of mid-life and beyond.”

Melanie Lyon (YPO Gold Utah)


(YPO Gold Utah)

“I want to share with you my genuine appreciation for your hand in lifting me up in a time of, what seemed like, turbulent transformation. I’ve attended the YPO 3.0 you founded and lead and I highly recommend it for anyone in transition. As you know, it helped me focus on what’s real and what matters most to me. Besides that, I’ve appreciated to get to know you better since, and I am here to support your beautiful mission. Thanks again, Seth, my brother!”


Mike Falk

(YPO Park City / Utah )

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